Employee Engagement

By Anna-Marie Plechata

Last time we spoke about HR roles – see my previous article What does the HR department do?

This time we will go in more depth and speak about the engagement of employees.

Employee’s engagement is vital for the success of the company. Actually, it is incredibly expensive, when the employees are not engaged or worse – when they are disengaged.

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How to engage…

I have always dreamed of working for a company which truly cares about employee satisfaction and engagement. At this point, I am not thinking about myself as the employee being taken care of, but as the employee who is actually taking care of the others. Making sure they are happy with what they do, where they work and with who they work.

You may argue with me, that employee engagement is not the competence of HR. That it is the manager’s job to make sure that his/her workers are happy and you would be right. But can a manager take care of everything, to make the employees happy? How can HR contribute?

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What does it take?

Employee engagement is influenced by the manager, type of tasks, autonomy and accountability, the feeling of being valued, being successful…simply, it is strongly connected with the particular position and individual mindset, which is not really in power of HR.

But what can HR do?

On the other hand, HR can truly support the feeling of pleasant workplace or cohesiveness of people by organizing different kinds of events, to make you feel excited to go to work, to meet the people you actually enjoy working with. This feeling can increase the engagement of employees as they feel as a part of a „family“ and eventually – responsible for the „family“ success and profit.

I am not sure if there is an actual HR position for doing this kind of job for the company but let me create it, right here and right now. Because why not? This is my blog and I can do whatever I want.

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HumanConnector would be a specialist of HR department. Let’s say it is me. My job would be settling the new employees to the organization and taking care of their contracts. I would be in close touch with newcomer employees so I would know them pretty well, which would create the advantage for me when organizing special events for them, to make them feel as a part of the company and to excite them for their job.

Let’s do something good together.

As a HumanConnector, I would organize different kinds of collections for charity. During the year, there would be some events, when we help the others together. You bring all the clothes or toys you do not need anymore, to make some space in your apartment while helping the others. Or I manage blood station in the office so you can donate blood, for what we give you a beer or we throw a party/BBQ for you.

The point is, that helping the others, will bring us together, win-win! Afterward, HumanConnector can communicate it with the public, so what is it now? A triple win?


Who would not love to have that kind of job, where you can develop yourself and learn while working when the company offers you more than you expected. Let me invite some guests, coaches, leaders, let’s speak about the purpose of the life or apple pies, whatever keeps us moving forward.

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If you take a really good care of your people, they notice it and they give you something back. They will work hard and possibly they will enjoy the time spent at the office. They might become committed and ENGAGED!

What does the company do for you to keep you motivated and engaged? Do you have any suggestions?

Image credit: Anna-Marie Plechata

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